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Hi Welcome.
My name is Niko Riitala, I am currently working full time at KWD Digital (Finnish Drupal company) as a Drupal Developer. I write modules and all kinds of stuff to the internets. Our programming department once had an accordion (that musical instrument). Then couple years back when there was a rainy evening, our office moved to a larger new facilities. At the new office, no one could find the beloved accordion.. Rumors say that our CEO unselfishly sacrificed his spare time to recover the accordion from the evil moving company and that the accordion were sent to Czechoslovakia for a repairment to the very best accordion craftsman in the world.
Nevertheless, no one at the firm's coding department is really recovered from that tragic day of events and the accordion has never been seen again after that day...

I am also an entrepreneur and every now and then when it feels like it, I continue my studies of Information Networks at Lappeenranta University of Technology. I guess that makes me a student too, huh.

I accept Bitcoin donations: 1DXoa7EpjjMBeZbNppbkKyv1H88zwkrVvE

Random quote of UNIX philosophy:
Rule of Representation: Fold knowledge into data so program logic can be stupid and robust.

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